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Free baggage allowance

Hand baggage
All Express Airways Passengers are allowed to take on board:
-One piece of hand baggage
-Maximum dimension: 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm
-Maximum weight: 6 kg
-Infants without a reserved seat: no allowance
Express Airways PRO passengers can take on board:
•Two pieces of hand baggage
•Maximum dimension: 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm
•Maximum weight of both hand baggage combined: 12 kg

In addition to the hand baggage, you may take one personal item, e.g. a camera, an umbrella, a coat, a baby basket and a suitable quantity of baby food, a small handbag, a small laptop bag or a small backpack and a necessary mobility aid (such as a cane or elbow crutches).
Musical instruments with hand baggage dimensions or smaller can be taken on board as part of the allowed hand baggage.
In certain cases due to the limited space on board we may have to ask you to check in your hand baggage. This is in the interests of your own and other passengers' safety.
You must be able to lift your cabin bag into the overhead locker by yourself. Otherwise the cabin crew will help you.

Liquids and Restricted items

For your easier and safer traveling we are proposing you the following tips:
-sharp objects such as knives, scissors, corkscrews, knitting needles, tweezers, skates and dangerous goods are restricted to carry on board
-in a hand baggage you can take:
oLiquids in containers of max. 100 ml packed in a single, transparent re-sealable 1 litre plastic bag. Because of the security check, liquids must be stored separately from other hand baggage.
oMedicines and special dietary products, you may be asked for proof of authenticity.


The permitted baggage allowance depends on the service class booked and indicated on the flight ticket.

Baggage allowance for all Express Airways passengers:
-One piece of baggage
-Maximum dimension: 90 cm x 75 cm x 43 cm
-Maximum weight: 20 kg

Baggage allowance for Express Airways PRO passengers:
-Two pieces of baggage
-Maximum dimension: 90 cm x 75 cm x 43 cm
-Maximum weight for both baggage combined: 64 kg

If you want to bring extra baggage apart from the free baggage allowance, it will be charged extra.

Excess Baggage

Heavier, larger or additional baggage will be carried as excess baggage for a flat fee. Baggage larger than 90 cm x 75 cm x 65 cm or heavier than 32 kg will be carried and charged as cargo.
For additional information please contact us.

Sports baggage

Sports baggage is transported free of charge under the free baggage regulations (number of baggage/weight/dimensions). Additionally to the sport baggage, your ski or snowboard equipment is transported for free.
You must register your sport baggage up to 24 hours before departure.
-The sports baggage exceeds the number of baggage and the dimension but not the maximum weight (Prices and rules for sports baggage).
-The sports baggage exceeds the maximum weight of 32 kg (Prices for cargo transport).
-The sports baggage is not listed in the sports baggage regulations (Prices for Excess baggage).

Baggage for children
-Under 2 years of age: maximum 23 kg
-2 years of age or over: same baggage rules as for adults
-Authorized child seats, Moses baskets or pushchairs/buggies (will be transported in the cargo hold) can be taken on board as hand luggage. For more information see Hand baggage page.

Baggage rules for certain routes